Friday, January 11, 2013

Virtual Book Tour Event: Week of 1/13-19/13

Virtual Book Tour Event: Week of 1/13-19/13

Saturday 1/19/13

Test Shot by Cari Quinn

Book 1: Hot Shots Series

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Author Guest Post / Book Review / Contest Giveaway

Book Description: Test Shot

Layla Palmer is starting over in New York City with a new job at Hot Shots, an agency that specializes in hiring talent for jobs with an erotic bent. Happily engaged, she writes off the changes in her relationship with her fiance, Aidan, as growing pains. But that all comes into question when her beloved fiance comes up with a startling suggestion: he wants to watch her have sex with another man. 

Aidan's a man on the edge, fighting demons he won't name in fear of losing the woman he loves forever. But the game he's playing can only continue for so long, especially when the man they decide to invite into their bed turns out to be Layla's newest prospective model, Sawyer Blake.

Passion explodes between them, threatening to spill over and burn them all. Soon Aidan and Layla's already incendiary relationship hits the boiling point. Now she's fighting her own battles, including the conflicted feelings of lust and love she harbors for both men. But how can she figure out who to trust when everything she ever knew is changing, including herself?


  1. Love reading series books! This sounds like a grat series to read.

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting my blog site! I will be posting the virtual book tour event with Cari's author guest post and a book review tomorrow, be sure to check back! :)