Friday, December 6, 2013

Virtual Book Tour Events: Week of 12/8-14/13

Virtual Book Tour Events: Week Of 12/8-14/13

Monday 12/9/13

Summer of Surrender by Zara Stoneley

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Book Description: Summer of Surrender

Sex is the only thing they have in common. Total surrender the name of the game.

James had it all. Good education. City job and a wife he would have been willing to die for. Their motto had been work hard, play hard, but she’d pushed the boundaries too far and he’d walked. Became the man he felt he needed to be. Detached. In control.

Free spirit Kezia lives each day at a time; sharing, loving and giving are unconditional. And sex is part of the sharing.

When fate leaves James and Kezia trapped together for the summer, her openness is an invitation he just can’t resist. The attraction is instant, the sex all-consuming. And as their fantasies become reality, James begins to realise that willing surrender is a far different pleasure to forced submission…

Friday 12/13/13

Revving up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel

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Book Description: Revving up the Holidays

Workaholic Isaac hasn’t been back to his hometown since his father’s funeral two years earlier, pushing his family away because of a painful secret. Hanukkah and a forced vacation lure him back to Atlanta, where he’s reunited with his two lost loves—an old motorcycle and his sister’s best friend Giada. While rediscovering his passion for both the bike and the woman, Isaac rebuilds his heart.

Giada has lost her Christmas spirit since returning home to care for her dying parents. Left alone, she struggles to return to her successful teaching career, choosing instead to stay in her hometown. Only the unexpected return of her high school crush Isaac brings any joy to the season.

The transitive nature of Isaac’s visit and Giada’s fear of abandonment keep them from sharing their whole hearts, but certainly not their bodies. Their desire for each other is hotter than flames on a menorah and they take advantage of their limited time together by burning up the sheets. But once their secrets are revealed, their hearts will do all the thinking.


Making It Good Enough by Zara Stoneley

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Book Description: Making It Good Enough

Two couples, turbulent pasts. Are they capable of loving and trusting each other as much as they need to? Can they make it good enough to last?

Holly is happy, or at least she thinks she is. Things haven’t quite got to the ‘Holly and Dane together forever’ stage, but she had thought they’d have got past the ‘honey, your ex is at the door’ stage. Until the day his ex, Sally, arrives on the doorstep – intent on spilling secrets from the past that could tear them apart.

Charlie’s got the girl he loved back. But this time can they go all the way – if it means going back to the lifestyle that he ran away from?

Who will be walking up the aisle? Will any of them get their happy ever after – or will an uninvited guest at the wedding ruin it all?

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