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Sylvie And The Spark by Gianna Day (Author Guest Post / Book Review)

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Author Guest Post

Naked Humor
By: Gianna Day

People have asked me why I incorporate humor into erotica. My first response is always that laughter is healthy. And there’s no reason why you can’t have a little laughter with a healthy sex life.

Both readers and writers sometimes fear that the added element of humor will detract from the eroticism of a scene, but I find the opposite to be true. Readers of romance and erotica don’t begin a book with the expectation that every word will turn them on. By contrast, you can heighten the emotion of any scene by taking your reader on a bit of a roller coaster ride. Think about that effect in other genres. A thriller writer doesn’t create fear by striving for anxiety on every page. She intensifies scenes by first taking the reader through periods of calm. It’s the false sense of security that really makes the reader jump when the killer emerges. The same ups and downs can be used in fiction, and in that realm I find that humor pairs well with erotic material. The result is a romantic comedy, but with less clothes on.

Incorporating humor into the overall story doesn’t necessitate bringing it into the bedroom. I rely heavily on the comic relief of characters with whom my protagonist interacts in a strictly platonic way. But I also think that it’s okay to bring that humor into the bedroom on occasion. Sex doesn’t have to be serious, and the most effective writers of romance and erotica will balance a heavy (or lusty) plot with a bit of comedy thrown into the mix.

There’s another argument for adding humor to fiction: Humor occurs naturally in the world around us, every day and in a million ways. If you write truthfully about life, don’t forget the humor.

About The Author

Gianna Day writes erotica and erotic comedies. She lives in the pacific northwest where she enjoys running, flying kites, exploring museums, and eating late-night desserts in all-night diners. She believes that with a healthy sense of humor, everything will be just fine. She’s the author of the Hot Secrets Collection, which includes five erotic, lesbian short stories, and The Sylvie Series, a collection of hetero-novellas full of both comedy and naughty bits (sometimes at the same time). Sylvie & the Spark and Sylvie Says Yes are available now on Amazon. Sylvie on Strike is soon to follow.


Sylvie And The Spark - Book Trailer


Book Review

Sylvie And The Spark by Gianna Day
Book 1: The Sylvie Series
Publisher: AKA Press
Publication Date: October 16, 2013
Format: e-Book - 81 pages / Kindle - 223 KB / Nook - 237 KB
BNID: 2940148677802
Genre: Erotica

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Book 1: Sylvie And The Spark
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Book 3: Sylvie on Strike

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Book Description:

One night of phenomenal sex isn’t enough to convince Sylvie that she should stay with Dave, her long-time boyfriend who borders on dull when not in the bedroom. When a set of twins moves in across the hall, Sylvie’s horizons broaden, though this pair might not turn out to be exactly what they seem. With a backdrop of inappropriate coworkers, a humping-addicted mutt, and a set of sexy suitors, Sylvie And The Spark is sure to please, in more ways than one.

Book Excerpt:

“You’re just so…” Dave looks into my eyes and runs his finger down my cheek.

Please don’t say pretty. Anything but pretty.

“You’re so…”

If you call me pretty for the thousandth time I’m going to try to gnaw my own face off just to ensure that I am no longer pretty.

“You’re so… pretty.”

“I am not pretty, Dave.” My voice is loud and edgy as I jump from the couch.

“But Sylvie, you’re so pretty.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, pacing back and forth in front of him. “I mean, thank you. Thank you for thinking I’m pretty. And I know this is our foreplay, that you tell me I’m pretty and touch my face, which truthfully has always struck me as just a little bit creepy. I mean, it’s almost a tickle, like you’re tickling my cheek and I think that’s weird. Is that weird? Is this just me?” I stop pacing and look at him for an answer.

“I could touch your arm first, would that be better?”

Resume pacing.

“No, Dave. Look, I have to be honest. We need to try something different.”

“Gosh, Sylvie. What if I called you beautiful?”

Don’t pull your hair out in front of him, he’ll be scarred for life.

“Dave.” I sit back down on the couch and hold his hands.

“Yes, Sylvie?” He looks like a second grader hoping someone will pick him for their kickball team.

“Could you just try to be less of a puppy?”

“Less of a puppy?”

He flashes his puppy dog eyes.


“You want me to be a kitty?”

“No, Dave. I don’t want you to be a kitty. I want you to be a tiger, Dave.”

“A tiger?”

“A tiger!” I stand back up. “I want you to be my big strong tiger and I want you to roar for me.”

“You want me to roar?”

I take off my shirt and bra, unbutton my jeans, stand before him, and cup my breasts.

“Show me what a tiger you can be, Dave.”

My Book Review:

Are you looking for a sassy erotica novella that has a great mix of passion, romance, and humor? Well then Sylvie And The Spark by author Gianna Day is the book for you!

Sylvie is a waitress at a local diner, who has been in a longtime relationship with her boyfriend Dave. Even though their sex life has been good, Sylvie feels like their relationship is stuck in a rut and she can't take it anymore, so she breaks up with Dave. Life gets interesting for Sylvie when she adopts Doctor Love, a female dog from the Humane Society, who likes to hump everyone and everything! And if that isn't enough, Sylvie's sex life is an ongoing topic of conversation and entertainment at the diner thanks to her co-workers: a pair of sassy Southern twins named Charlene and Darlene, and their Russian boss Lenny. Add in her crazy mama Janice, who tries to help Sylvie find her "spark" by cruising an online dating site, and you'd think Sylvie can't win ... that is until two sexy twin brothers named Brent and Jonathan move into the apartment across the hall. Can Sylvie find her spark from one of the twin brothers, or will she go back to Dave?

In Sylvie And The Spark, the first book of The Sylvie Series, author Gianna Day weaves an entertaining erotic romantic comedy novella that is just plain fun to read. Written in the first person narrative, the reader follows Sylvie on her crazy adventure to find a guy who is "the one" that will give her the spark that her mama Janice says she needs.

This is not your typical erotic novella, it is so much more because the author keeps you laughing with the crazy antics and dialogues from a quirky cast of characters; steamy sex scenes that will make you blush; and a thoroughly entertaining plot that is wittily crafted and reads more like a saucy romantic comedy sitcom.

The author easily draws the reader into Sylvie's world, you can't help but like her and relate to her dilemma of finding the right guy. Added in the mix are her mama Janice, the perky co-worker twins Charlene and Darlene, and boss Lenny, who all provide Sylvie with a lot of support and some chuckles along the way. When it comes to men in Sylvie's life: Dave, Brent, and Jonathan: the reader will see the differences in all three, and they will be surprised by which one provides the spark Sylvie seeks. There are steamy sex scenes that provide excitement, but the comedy and subtle romance that runs throughout the story provides a nice balance that will leave the reader with a smile. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the lovable mutt Doctor, who has a healthy habit of humping everyone and everything in sight, that horny pooch kept me in stitches.

Sylvie And The Spark is a sassy and humorous erotic novella that is a perfect weekend afternoon read!


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