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Goodbye Uncertainty by Jacquelyn Ayres (Release Day Event / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Bare Naked Words, Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book release day event for Goodbye Uncertainty by Author Jacquelyn Ayres!

Goodbye Uncertainty by Jacquelyn Ayres
Book 3: Lost & Found Series
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: May 10, 2014
Format: eBook - 296 pages
              Kindle - 575 KB
              Nook - 386 KB
BNID: 2940149524327
Genre: Erotic Romance

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book
tour event hosted by Bare Naked Words.

BECCA Campbell was lost for seven years, until an unexpected person from her past came back into her life and unveiled the truth.  This truth has set her free. "If only it were that easy." Knowing what she now knows, Becca must come to grips with reality. She has to fight for the man she loves. The man she is meant to be with. Becca, very sure of her path, needs to get him to say goodbye to uncertainty. What happens, though, when uncertainty with her is all he’s ever known?

My Book Review

Just when I thought that author Jacquelyn Ayres couldn't twist my emotions into any more knots after reading the first two books in The Lost & Found Series, she seals the deal and goes above and beyond what I expected in the third and final book, Goodbye Uncertainty!

In the third and final installment of the series, we catch up with Becca Campbell and her two suitors, bad boy Grayson James and the boy next door Ray McNeil. Oh what a tangled web we weave when all kinds of secrets come to the surface in this intense and emotional love triangle. Strap yourself in tight because the author once again takes the reader on one hell of a bumpy roller coaster ride as Rebecca's journey comes full circle, no one is safe from experiencing the full gamut of emotions from this finale!

If you haven't read the first two books in the series STOP right now and go get the books and read them! I can't stress enough that they are NOT a stand alone read! Okay, back to my abbreviated review (I promised the author that I wouldn't divulge any spoilers) ... this is going to be so hard ... *face palm*.

In Goodbye Caution we met Becca, Grayson and Ray:

Becca Campbell is a war widow (her husband was abusive) who is raising a ten year old daughter and running a B&B in New England. She meets Grayson James, who is from England, when he comes to visit his Aunt Hazel, a housekeeper at the B&B. There is an instant attraction between Becca and Grayson ... holy hotness ... oh my goodness ... but their tumultuous relationship has its issues and ups & downs, which sends Becca reaching out for the comforting arms of Ray McNeil, the guy next door who has always wanted her. Caught in the middle of a love triangle, Becca had to say goodbye to caution and choose which guy would win her heart! But alas, the reader was left wondering who would she choose!

Then in Goodbye Secrets, the love triangle heated up with a lot more drama and hidden secrets coming to the surface ... lives were turned upside down ...  and once again the reader was left wondering who would win Becca's heart!

Now in the finale of the series, Goodbye Uncertainty, Rebecca's journey comes full circle and it's about time that she decides whether it will be Grayson or Ray who will win her heart and soul! Without giving out any spoilers, all I am going to say is that this series takes the reader on a wild and emotional ride, you can't help but get drawn into Rebecca, Grayson, and Ray's lives. As their love stories (love triangle) unfolds in each of the books, the author does an amazing job of keeping the reader in suspense and wanting more as two love stories of a lifetime plays out, until she finally provides a very epic and satisfying conclusion that will leave a smile on your face. One tidbit for you ... have a box of tissues next to you!

With a cast of complex characters who are realistic, flawed and easy to relate to, the author weaves a great mixture of emotion, humor, drama, and sexiness that easily draws the reader into the characters' intense and passionate world. The love triangle is interwoven with personal issues and steamy romance, add in unexpected twist and turns that will keep you captivated and in suspense, and has one hell of an emotional conclusion that will leave the reader simply speechless, breathless, and completely spent ... *sigh*


I am a Domestic Engineer (born and raised in NJ) whose sole responsibility is to guide three young impressionable kids into becoming phenomenal adults. This challenging, yet rewarding work requires a lot of love (coffee), patience (wine) and determination (periodic exorcisms). I work all of this magic in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Before becoming a Domestic Goddess (not really), I spent over a decade working in the medical field where I wore more hats than the Queen. I have had a love for the written word and the great escape it provides since I was a little girl. When I wasn't reading about people and the places they lived, I was creating my own characters and adventures. Finally, I have been putting a pen to paper allowing my characters to come to life. When I don't have a pen and paper in hand, you can often find me laughing at the conversations my characters are having in my head.

The Lost & Found Series


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