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Rumor Has It by Virginia Nelson (Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

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Book Review

Rumor Has It by Virginia Nelson
Publisher: Carnal Passions
Publication Date: April 1, 2013
Format: eBook - 39 pages / Kindle - 173 KB
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by FMB Promotions.

Book Description:

Elvis left the building a long time ago…

Liz knows that there are some things you just can’t live down. Marrying an Elvis impersonator was one of her biggest mistakes yet when he comes rolling back into town, needing a place to couch surf, she can’t say no to the father of her child.

And someone else took his place…

Jeremy has been engaged in the world’s longest long game. For thirteen years he has loved Liz and her daughter but never made a move, waiting for the right moment. When her ex-husband shows up out of the blue, he realizes it is time to put up or shut up.

But now that Elvis is back, the rumors are flying.

Jeremy makes his move, leaving Liz in a tailspin. Elvis comes back, the man she has always secretly loved is making moves…but why now? The sparks fly and the gossips mouths are running…but will Liz find the love she has been waiting for or will the small town gossips destroy her like they did so long ago?

Book Excerpt:

“Liz?” he said, instead.

Her eyes, glittering in the darkness, came up to meet his. She was worried he was mad at her. It was etched clearly in the lines of her face and the downward tilt of her lips.

Kind of impossible to stay mad at her when her heart knew what her head was too stupid to figure out. 

Jeremy slammed his hand through his hair. “I’m gonna just do it.”

“Just do what?” Her complete confusion spurred him further. She is mine. It is about damn time she realized it.

And, well, he just wanted to. His dick twitched just looking at her leaning against the tree. It was too long since he took those lips and maybe they both needed a reminder.

He moved fast so she wouldn’t have a chance to speak—which she would, at length, if he gave her a chance. It was like completing an electrical circuit. Her lips under his were so sweet and yet hungry. She responded like the perfect dream.

He couldn’t think. He couldn’t breathe because every breath smelled of her. When their tongues warred and a little moan escaped her, he hiked her body tighter to his. Her lovely, lean legs wound around his waist and she ground herself against him. Pleasure licked down his skin as he imagined her, wet and hot, under the denim. One of his hands cupped her breast and, even through the hoodie, it felt round and firm.

My Book Review:

Rumor Has It is a fast-paced erotic romance short story about unrequited love between two best friends for the past thirteen years, and how it took an ex-husband coming back into the picture for the friends to realize that they needed to show how much they are in love with each other. 

Liz, Jeremy and Vernon grew up in the same small one-horse town in Ohio. Liz and Jeremy both had liked each other, but never expressed their feelings to each other, they only shared one kiss at a high school dance. After high school graduation, Liz and Vernon left their hometown for Las Vegas. Vernon had plans to become a professional poker player, but instead he became an Elvis impersonator, while Liz became a showgirl. They got married in the little chapel where they worked, but not long after they married, Vernon ditched a pregnant Liz for another showgirl. Liz moved back home to Ohio to rebuild a life for herself and her daughter Sara with the help of her friend Jeremy. For thirteen years, Jeremy and Liz had shared a long-term platonic friendship, even though there was a mutual longing for each other that simmered beneath the surface. It took Vernon coming back into the picture for Jeremy to decide that after years of fantasizing, and having pent up passion, lust, and love for Liz, it was time for him to express how much he loved her. Liz had always had feelings for Jeremy too, all the way back to that one special kiss they shared in high school, but for thirteen years Jeremy never showed a moment of sexual interest in her, he only shared a close platonic friendship. Will Jeremy and Liz finally show each other how they really feel, or will Vernon and Liz reunite after thirteen years?

Author Virginia Nelson weaves a sweet and sexy tale of love written in the third person narrative, that engages the reader to follow along as Liz and Jeremy's long-term platonic friendship and unrequited love for each other is brought to the forefront when Liz's ex-husband Vernon comes back into the picture. This quick little story reads like a modern day fairy tale, yet I could easily see this type of relationship scenario occurring in real life. The story covers a span of one week for the love triangle to run its course, and let me tell you that the steamy sex/love scenes at the end is so worth the wait. 

With a realistic cast of characters who are lovable, have flaws and are easy to relate to; witty dialogue and interactions; and an entertaining erotic romance storyline that captivates the reader's attention and imagination; Rumor Has It is a fun and sexy quick read that will leave a smile on your face. 


About The Author

Virginia Nelson spends her days chasing three very active kids around. When she is not doing this, or plotting taking over the world, she likes to write, play in the mud, drive far too fast and scream at inanimate objects. She can often be found listening to music that is far too loud and typing her next fantastic tale of blood, sex and random acts of ineptitude. Romance, in Ms. Nelson’s opinion, is not about riding off into the sunset on the back of a horse with the knight in shining armor— it is about riding the dragon. If the knight can keep up… well, that is love.

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