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Reforming The Cowboy: A South Beach Book by Marisa Cleveland (Author Guest Post / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

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Author Guest Post

My Top Five Must Have Items When I Travel
By: Marisa Cleveland

Thanks so much for letting me stop by! I love your sidebar picture of the sun, water, and LOVE!

Today I'm excited to share my top five MUST HAVE items when I travel. It's close to the holidays, when many people visit family and friends, and whether you're going by car, plane, boat, or some other way, I'm sure you have your top must have items too!

Here are mine:

1. Moist Towelettes. Seriously! These babies are a travelers gold. I prefer the Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes, but I've been known to grab the Pampers hypoallergenic Baby Fresh wipes, and I am childless. Doesn't matter. These towelettes are better than hand sanitizer that dries my skin, and with the towelettes I actually throw away the germy mess when I'm done, instead of rubbing it into my skin.

2. Chargers. Too often I'm the one lending my charger to my travel buddies, because they forgot theirs. Yup. I'm the girl who will remember her iDevice's charger before she'll remember to pack gum for the take off and landings.

3. Lip Balm. Two tubes. Any authors reading this post? I love writing conferences where the goody room has your lip balm! I fear my lips drying and cracking, and I think the inventor of ChapStick should win a prize.

4. Sunscreen. I have a healthy respect for the sun and have a couple different brands of sunscreen for different activities.

5. My Hoodie. Baggie. Comfy. Soft. Enough said.

Those are my five MUST HAVE travel items. They are the five items I always pack first. The other stuff is just that. Stuff. But these five? They're my necessities.

What are yours? Do your items change if you travel by car, plane, or boat? Am I missing/forgetting anything detrimental to my travels?

About The Author

Marisa Cleveland loves to laugh, hates to cry, and does both often. As a writer, she writes. Every day. Perhaps because she married her best friend, her adult romance novels focus on relationships developed through friendship and family-oriented values. She loves to connect with other writers and readers.

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Book Review

Reforming The Cowboy: A South Beach Book by Marisa Cleveland
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Publication Date: September 9, 2013
Format: eBook - 200 pages / Kindle - 392 KB / Nook - 2 MB
ISBN: 1622661737
Genre: Contemporary Romance

BUY THE BOOK: Reforming The Cowboy: A South Beach Book

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions. 

Book Description:

Country singer Billy Hardy needs to get back on the charts. His manager assures him headlining the opening of a cafe in South Beach is his best chance at getting back to the big time. If he fails, his career is over for good this time.

Lacey Durant can't believe opening night includes the country singer she crushed on through college. And her customers agree he's dreamy. But his playboy reputation threatens her cafe's image and she can't afford that. She insists Billy stay with her so she can keep an eye on him, and thwart overenthusiastic fans.

Billy's charms and Lacey's sexy curves prove more than either can resist, but she refuses to be just another lyric in his well-known songs of heartbreak.

Book Excerpt:

He stepped back, his eyes regarding her with unreadable scrutiny. "Do you have to control everything?"

A shiver of fear slid in her stomach. She was a private person. She didn't want the whole world to know how close she'd come to failure. "Just promise me."

Flashing her a sardonic smile, he drawled, "Honey, I don't make promises I can't keep."

Her hands fisted at her sides. "You are so insensitive! For just once in your life, why can't you be reliable and make a promise and keep it?"

Her eyes widened as she realized what she'd said.

He advanced forward, and she shuffled back until her back hit the refrigerator, even though nothing but the ferocity of his gaze pinned her in place. "Honey, in Country, in order for a song to be good, it has to be honest. This is me being honest."

My Book Review:

Reforming The Cowboy is a sweet contemporary romance about second chances and finding love when you least expect it.

Billy Hardy is a country music star who is looking to make a comeback after a ten year hiatus. Can he find the inspiration in his songwriting to get a second chance?

Lacey Durant is rebuilding her life after a failed marriage. She opens Lacey's Cafe in trendy South Beach, Florida, and is determined make the cafe a successful business.

Lacey hires Billy to sing at the opening night of the cafe. Throughout college, she had a crush on the country singer when his career was going strong, now it is years later and she can't believe that he will be singing in her cafe.

Will Lacey and Billy get a second chance at realizing their dreams, and find love when they least expect it?

Reforming The Cowboy is a wonderful romance story that follows Lacey and Billy as they get a second chance at rebuilding their lives while chasing their dreams, and along the way they find a sweet unexpected love for each other. I loved how their story gradually unfolds with both of them getting over their troubled pasts and moving forward with their lives, determined to get a second chance at achieving their dreams, yet cautious when it came to attaining love. The reader gets drawn into the chemistry and attraction between Lacey and Billy, and like any good romance story there is drama and obstacles that they have to overcome, which keeps the reader turning the pages to see what will happen next.

What I loved most about this story is that both Lacey and Billy are older and have been through life experiences that I could relate to. It made it easier for me to believe in their love story as one of new beginnings and second chances. I loved the personal connection that Lacey and Billy shared, their relationship was realistic and more than just physical (even though I thoroughly enjoyed their passionate moments too). I loved that Billy found the inspiration in his music through Lacey, that is a realistic and true testament to the country music songs that I love to listen to. I loved how they were able to overcome the obstacles before them, and learned to let go and trust one another enough to let love enter into their lives.

Reforming The Cowboy is an enjoyable lighthearted romance story that makes the reader believe that you can chase your dreams and find true love at the same time.


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    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for stopping by and visiting with Marisa. I roll my eyes at pick up lines. lol :)

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  6. Thanks so much for having me on your blog and super thanks for taking the time to read and review my book!

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