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Let's Talk About Tickling by Veronica Frances (Book Review)

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Book Review

Let’s Talk About Tickling by Veronica Frances 
Publisher: Blue Note Publications
Publication Date: April 2, 2015
Format: Paperback - 240 pages
               Kindle - 1368 KB
               Nook - 2 MB
ISBN: 978-0990306887
BNID: 2940151640008
Genre: Non Fiction/ Erotic Literature/ Self-Help / Self Improvement

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book.

Book Description:

Let’s Talk About Tickling is an honest, straightforward discussion about tickling. Discover the many different aspects of tickling—the fantasies, the realities, the many paradoxes of the tickling fetish and how to come to terms with ones own sensuality. A refreshing and very welcome find, Let’s Talk About Tickling is for anyone who wishes to expand their awareness of tickling and other related fetishes. This book will be of great interest to anyone who wants to get in touch with their sensual self, whether they have a tickling fetish or not.

Author Veronica Frances offers her readers the chance to improve their relationships in and out of the bedroom by shining a light on the powerful significance of tickling. She reminds us that tickling is not merely the whisper of a feather on the flesh. It is an echo that calls us from deep within, beckoning us to listen and respond.

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Book Excerpt:

Now let’s face it, tickling can be the conduit for many things.

It can make us surrender, whether we want to or not. It can be held against us if we are being interrogated by people who choose to use it to get us to talk. It can be used to reprimand us and put us back in line. It can be an unpleasant form of torture, even to the point of bringing us some slight pain. It can make us scream for mercy, buck up and down, laugh until we pee in our pants. It can humiliate us, yet make us continue laughing while in the midst of our own humiliation. It can demoralize us by forcing us to laugh and twitch against our will.

It can also make us wet in our most hidden erogenous zones. It can arouse us nearly to death. It can lead to many things and is the gateway to one of the most intimate journeys known to man.

Tickling is the magic bridge that hovers above our rivers of sexuality. Tickling is most definitely the gateway to sex.

Sometimes you won’t even know that tickling is leading you down its slippery erotic slope until you are in somebody’s arms and feeling that ticklish little poke at your libido.

My Book Review:

In Let's Talk About Tickling, author Veronica Frances opens up a fun discussion that takes the reader on a journey to explore, release, and enjoy the sensual pleasure of tickling.

Instead of providing the reader with a stuffy clinical dissertation, she engages the reader in a straightforward discussion about the variety of aspects of tickling, while intertwining it with her own personal experiences as a tickle fetishist.

The power of tickling has a far reach if you allow yourself to be open to what it has to offer. Tickling can be arousing, a stress reliever, provide amusement and laughter, and a relationship catalyst to demonstrate how we can express ourselves sexually and romantically with our partner.

The author thoughtfully dispels the common thought of fetishes, especially tickling as taboo and misunderstood in society. She provides examples of how engaging in tickling can release your inner child, and become a thoroughly pleasurable and fulfilling bonding experience via: tickling sessions; verbal tickle triggers and tickle talk; fantasies and role play;  romantic tickling, foreplay, and erotic touching; and using it as a gateway to sex through erotic arousal, exploration, and seduction. And if that isn't enough, she provides interesting suggestions of twenty-one tickling techniques (she calls it the 21 shades of tickling), and a variety of tickling games to explore with your tickle buddy.

Let's Talk About Tickling is an intriguing and fast-paced book. If read with an open mind, the reader's curiosity about what tickling is, and why it can be so arousing and pleasurable, can surely add to one's sensuality and sexual experience.


About The Author

Veronica Frances is the author of the gutsy, no-holds-barred novel, Tickling Daphne H. Her new non-fiction book Let’s Talk About Tickling sheds a refreshing new light on the subject. She is known as the TickleWriter in some circles. Veronica also writes under her real name, Stacey Handler. Stacey is the author of The Body Burden; Living In The Shadow Of Barbie. Her book was featured in Jump Magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly, The National Enquirer, and several other publications, radio shows and cable TV shows. Stacey excels at public speaking, singing, composing, and writing. She is a singer-songwriter, poet, and has written in many different styles. She has an album and several singles available, including her two popular anthems, Ain’t No Skinny Little Thing and Soap Opera Diva. She lives in New York City, where she continues to write erotica, fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

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